Turnkey DAS Installation & Upgrades

Our team can accommodate all your DAS installation needs, from start to finish. Our skilled staff can design, install, integrate, maintain, monitor, and upgrade your distributed antenna system to meet any requirements that you may have.

DAS Repair & Troubleshooting

Our skilled, experienced, certified technicians can pinpoint problems in your distributed antenna system using the latest and greatest state-of-the-art testing equipment. Once the problem is identified, our team will move quickly to resolve the problem. No repair job is too big or too small for SkyTel.  We are there for you, whenever you need us, day or night!

Macro Installation & Upgrades

SkyTel has the know-how to determine your Macro needs and design a system that is right for you. We can do a full Macro installation from start to finish, including site optimization and maintenance.

Public Safety DAS

We install emergency communications systems that meet the system coverage requirements of both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as well as International Fire Code (IFC).  All of our installations include NEMA-4 enclosures, battery back-ups, and system monitoring alarms.

Testing Services

If you already have your network installed, and just need someone to test the system for you, SkyTel is here to help! SkyTel offers a wide variety of telecommunications testing services to meet your needs. We can PIM test all frequencies, do line sweeps, and test your fiber optic cables. We provide all results and analyses in a final report.

Fiber Splicing

We can splice fiber using our top-of- the-line fusion splicer.  Fusion splicing produces lower loss and less back reflection than other methods of splicing.  If you need some fusion splicing, let us know!